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Stephanie Dziezyk


Concept Artist


Nashville, TN


I am a concept artist that focuses on traditional art, digital art, and 3D modeling, with specialization in zoology, sci-fi, and fantasy.



I genuinely enjoy interweaving zoology and imagination; the application of scientific knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, behavior, and ecology to the creation of seemingly impossible animals is an avocation that strongly reflects my passionate and curious personality. To share my love of these distinct realities with others, I utilize graphite, acrylics, oils, digital painting, and even 3-dimensional models, bringing to visual life wholly new creations that, while completely fabricated, appear plausible. I can display and share with others the intricacies of how muscles interact to make limbs move, the hunting techniques of some abyssal leviathan, the anatomy of bizarre six-limbed mammals, and show how dragons could truly fly.

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Stephanie gained a passion for animals and art from her home of Swans Island, Maine, and years of time spent observing and learning about local and exotic fauna has fueled her creative process greatly. From a year of internship at the Bar Harbor Oceanarium in 2007 and two years of part-time study at the College of The Atlantic from 2007-2008, she has since applied herself to a curriculum at the University of Maine in Orono. Pursuing a career as a wildlife, scientific, and conceptual illustrator since 2008, she graduated from the University of Maine in December 2013 with a major in Studio Art and minors in Zoology and Art History. Working as a freelance artist alongside her academic duties, she has designed the logo of the Northeast Regional Migratory Monitoring Network and illustrated a scientific game on genetics, with dragons as a model organism, for the Jackson Lab in Maine. Stephanie has also drawn and painted numerous works for private commissioners including pet portraits, wildlife imagery, and various conceptual and refined fantasy illustrations.

Hobbies include fishing, digital sculpture, creating plausible anatomy for fictitious creatures, birdwatching, and video games.

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2010-2011 - Annual Juried Student Exhibition – Lord Hall Gallery – Orono, ME: Received Dean’s Gallery Award, Jo Joslyn Meade Studio Art Fund Award

2012 – “Who Are You?” Exhibition – Chromatics Gallery - Nashville, TN

2012 – "Think: Make" - Senior Year Student Art Exhibition – Lord Hall Gallery – Orono, ME

2013 – Annual Juried Student Exhibition – Lord Hall Gallery – Orono, ME: Received Jo Joslyn Meade Studio Art Fund Award

2013 – Bangor Art Society Open Juried Show – Bangor Public Library – Bangor, ME

2015 – Art for Animals Fundraiser - Riverwood Mansion - Nashville, TN

2016 – “Diversity” Exhibition – Chromatics Gallery - Nashville, TN


National Honor Society – summer 2008

Presidential Acheivement Award – fall 2009

Golden Key Award – fall 2009

Top of Cadillac Scholarship – fall 2010, spring 2013

Dean's List – spring/fall 2009, fall 2010, spring/fall 2011,spring/fall 2012

Phi Beta Kappa member – spring 2012

Edward W. Brigham Scholarship – fall 2012

Jo Joslyn Meade Art Fund Award – spring 2012, spring 2013


Animaholics independent customers


illustration, concept art, fantasy, wildlife/scientific illustration, digital sculpture, 3D modeling


Photoshop, ZBrush, Maya, graphite, oils, acrylics, 3D printing, Lulzbot Mini, Sculpey clay, traditional sculpture